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“SMMA” is an incredibly-popular business model with thousands of agency-owners having employed this to transform their lives…

…but what is SMMA? “SMMA” stands for:





So in theory, any agency that offers social media marketing services is an “SMMA”. But in practice, this term differs a little…

The Traditional Agency Model

SMMA Definition

SMMAs are typically remote – and do not have offices.

The ‘traditional’ agency model is a complicated one.

Most ‘marketing’ agencies offer myriad services like SEO, graphic design, videography, branding, social media management, blog writing, paid traffic, photography, chat bot creation, community management and public relations.

They service a wide range of clients in varied industries and can deal with an automotive manufacturer one day, and a beauty brand the next.

Accounts are serviced by account-teams including Account Directors, Account Managers and Account Executives, along with creative teams, which need to be managed by a Creative Director, a senior management team, and various other departments.

They often require large offices to house their staff, and impress clients.

But SMMAs…

SMMAs Have No Offices: No Overheads

SMMAs differ drastically from their traditional agency counterparts.

SMMA-type agencies typically offer one service. This allows them to become highly-specialized in this service, and outperform other agencies who have to offer multiple services.

Next, they tend to only service clients in one ‘niche’. Once more, this allows SMMAs to thoroughly understand the area of industry they operate in and streamline their approach to get their clients the best results, whilst spending less time onboarding clients.

And finally, they are often remote. With either no members of staff, or remote contractors.

This means SMMAs tend to be wildly-more profitable than traditional agencies.

How do I start SMMA?

If you’re interested in starting SMMA, watch this video to learn how to start:


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