The SMMA Blueprint Review – Is This Agency Course LEGIT?

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Hi, this article is going to delve into The SMMA Blueprint Review.

If you want to know more about The SMMA Blueprint course, you’ve come to the right place.

In my review, I will explain the meaning of The SMMA Blueprint course, what it is all about, and how to join the program.

You’ll also understand the course in detail and stand a chance of knowing whether it is legit or a scam.

This course is considered one of the best social media training, but wait until you read this review to make a well-informed decision.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with The SMMA Blueprint program.

As such, you can expect an honest and unbiased review from me.

Before moving further, let’s look at the summary of The SMMA course.

Summary Of The SMMA Blueprint Review

Product Name: The SMMA Blueprint Course

Product type: Social Media Marketing Agency Course

Website’s URL:

Product Founders: Derek DeMike & David Schlais

Pricing:  $749.

Product Rating: 2/5

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The SMMA Blueprint Review Overview

The SMMA Blueprint Review

The SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) courses have flooded the market.

And for this reason, it may be pretty challenging to choose the best course out of them, especially if you lack enough information about them.

Furthermore, choosing an affordable SMMMA course that captures all the information may be very difficult for you as a consumer.

And one of the SMMA courses that I’m going to delve into today is The SMMA Blueprint.

This course was established by Derek DeMike and David Schlais.

But can you depend on this course to offer you the financial freedom you desire?

Well, I’ll get to the bottom of this in a short while.

However, if you’re here to find a better alternative to making money online, then you can check out this other opportunity:

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The SMMA Blueprint Review

What Is The SMMA Blueprint Course?

The SMMA Blueprint Review

The SMMA Blueprint program is one of the online social media marketing agency courses.

The course was rebranded from the established SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) Hacker.

The SMMA (Social Media Marketing) Blueprint course uses the Clickfunnel platform as its primary host.

For this reason, the course looks excellently excellent on both desktop and mobile platforms.

When you join the course, you will quickly get your account logins immediately after confirming your payment.

Some video contents of The SMMA Blueprint course are similar to the SMMA Hacker course showing that they share some similarities in what they teach.

The SMMA Blueprint course comprises four modules made of up to 80 videos.

The videos capture various course topics which will teach you how to run your agency smoothly and become your own boss.

In the last twelve months, Derek and David have added several videos to the existing ones to capture more information about the course.

When you enroll in The SMMA Blueprint course, you will get access to their inner circle on their exclusively large group on Facebook.

They also provide private coaching costs $2997 (one-time payment) to join.

The SMMA Blueprint Review

Above all, The SMMA Blueprint course also offers some extensive bonuses at the end of the modules, which I have outlined in this review.

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Who Are Derek Demike & David Schlais?

The SMMA Blueprint Review

Derek DeMike and David Schlais claim to be great experts in sales and marketing careers.

They started their sales and marketing agency which they have used to help many people to improve their marketing skills.

According to claims made by David, he makes up to $500 000 in his agency every year.

Some of their agency’s clients are based on infosec, SaaS, Blockchain, and Crypto, which seems more legitimate.

Before launching their agency, Derek and David worked as development managers and accounts Executives, respectively.

The two founders of the course are focused on making The SMMA Blueprint the best training course for everyone who wants to learn about sales and marketing as their career.

What Is The SMMA Blueprint Course All About?

The SMMA Blueprint course provides knowledge on improving your sales and marketing skills.

It is an example of a Social Media Marketing Agency course launched by Derek DeMike and David Schlais.

Therefore, Derek DeMike and David Schlais claim that if you enroll in this course, you will learn everything you need about Social Media Marketing Agencies.

The most important thing about this course is that it covers extensively all the necessary information about sales and marketing, which are essential for consumers who want to learn more about the topics.

How Does The SMMA Blueprint Course Work?

The SMMA Blueprint comprises four modules that cover everything you need to learn about sales and marketing on SMMA.

In the course modules, there are up to seventy videos covering different topics of the course.

In every module of the course, unique topics are covered with full video content.

Breakdown Of The SMMA Blueprint Course Modules?

The SMMA Blueprint Review

Let’s look at what each module of the course covers:

Module One: How To Start And Run An Agency

This module is about operations and teaches you how to launch your agency and run it smoothly like a boss.

At the beginning of this module, there is much focus on business incorporations in the USA.

However, as a learner, you can transfer the knowledge to your country of choice, especially where you can apply it successfully.

This module also has videos that can assist you in setting up your brands; you can also learn how to create your brand website.

Furthermore, you will learn how to create an email address for your agency and G suite.

When you move forward in the module, there is a video that displays ways to get invoices and take sales payments online.

For instance, the Wave app will help you make transactions with less than 3% commission.

The free and efficient app makes it the most preferred by many consumers.

There are also available videos that teach you about managing your cash flow.

They provide you with knowledge of cash flow management, especially when you are operating with many clients in your business.

In the last section of the module, the video displays some useful ways you can apply to help you manage your payroll effectively.

Also available in the section are the legal agreement and forecast tracking documents.

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Module Two: Finding Clients Online

This module has more than twenty videos that display ways in which you can get clients for your business.

This section is very important for people new to Social Media Marketing agencies as they will learn much about the agency in this part.

First, it teaches you how to choose the most profitable niches for your business and where you can find the clients.

The module also comprises a long mindset video that offers a long training session on managing the clients you have identified.

Also available in the module are the cold calling and cold email videos, along with the scripts and templates on the possible language you can use to communicate with your clients.

However, when you come from New Zealand, the cold email training may not be helpful to you as it is against the law.

The last section of this module teaches you how to set your expectations for your business, your business outreach, and the pricing of your products.

You will also learn how to create proposals and remove any trace of resistance from the potential clients you have in your business.

Module Three: Service Fulfilment

This is another extended module of The SMMA Blueprint course, which teaches you all you need to know when running your ads on Facebook for clients.

This section also covers how to create a new business account and the type of campaigns you can use.

You will also learn more about creating audiences that look alike, pixels, target choices, and how to discover different competitor ads.

The module also covers some ways of breaking down ad costs, writing excellent ads, and killing winners alongside creating the campaign.

In this section, you will also learn how to improve your Facebook leads with a complete setup on automation.

Furthermore, some videos display how to create swipe-up stories on the Instagram platform for clients in your business.

Live reviews on Facebook ads and how you can scale the ads are also captured in the videos.

In the last video of this module, much focus is on email marketing and how to manage your social media management.

Also, you’ll learn how to use lightroom and Hootsuite for fast movement in this video.

In the video conclusion of this module, you will learn more about how to leverage your social engagement and retarget videos.

Module Four: How To Scale Your Agency

This course’s last module focuses on how you can put systems in order when working with many clients.

The videos available in this module display outsourcing techniques and client communication.

This section also provides a video on how to form a partnership and expand your business online.

There are several bonuses you will get at the end of this module, including;

Ultimate Client meeting guide, legal agreements, go to Ad template, Bulletproof proposal template.

The Steal Their Funnel Bonus

This is another amazing bonus provided at the end of the fourth module of the SMMA Blueprint course.

If you already have an account on click funnels, you can quickly sign up and get the bonus.

If you have no account, don’t worry, you can still succeed in creating one on a 14-day free trial.

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How Much Does The SMMA Blueprint Course Cost?

The SMMA Blueprint course price has two payment options.

You can pay in a one-time payment option which costs $749.

You can also use the three-month payment option for $267 per month.

The SMMA Blueprint course offers you a money-back guarantee of up to fourteen days when you view the course content for 20% or less.

Derek, together with David, seems to be a very gentle and nice guy when it comes to providing offers to their learners.

They provide honest and ethical work in their entire service in their course.

They also provide affordable, risk-free, making their learners safe, an essential skill that helps them build trust among their students.

Is The SMMA Blueprint course A Scam?

From where I stand, The SMMA course is not really a SCAM.

Derek DeMike and David Schlais, who established The SMMA Blueprint course, seem to be legitimate Social Media Marketing Agency experts.

The SMMA Blueprint course offers extensively everything you may need to know concerning social media marketing agencies.

The content of the course is legit and displays step-by-step training on the sales and marketing of products on the social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

But, if you’re interested in doing a different business online, this course will disappoint you because it only deals with people interested in starting a social media marketing agency.

Also, if you’re unfortunate to come from countries that legally ban marketing strategies like cold emailing, like New Zealand, this course may NOT benefit you.

Also, I noted that Derek and David focus more on USA Business incorporations, which implies that if you don’t reside or run your social media marketing agency from the USA, you’ve to figure out some ways of adapting.

And before I forget, if you’re a beginner, I suggest you try out other online business ideas before you consider this SMMA business model.

However, if you still think you can sail through running a social media marketing agency, you should keep the focus.

But what if I told you that you can still do business online easily without spending a fortune?

Of course, I have over 5 years of experience working online, and I know what works and doesn’t work for beginners.

If you want to know my journey, then take a few minutes of your time to check out below:

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The SMMA Blueprint Review

What I Like About The SMMA Blueprint course

  • The SMMA Blueprint course is well detailed

Derek and David outline everything you need to know concerning the Social Media Marketing Agency.

  • Derek DeMike & David Schlais seem to be good guys

The founders of The SMMA Blueprint course, Derek & David, provide many offers to learners in the course.

The offers include a money-back guarantee when you view twenty percent or less of the course content.

They also provide honest and ethical working the entire course content that captures everything you may look for concerning The SMMA Blueprint.

What I Don’t Like About The SMMA Blueprint Course

  • Only talks about social media marketing agency

The SMMA Blueprint course only covers ways in which you can grow your business on social media platforms.

Therefore, you may find the course less helpful if you are not a social media fan.

  • Some course content may not be helpful to other people.

The SMMA Blueprint course covers some content, such as cold emails, against the law in countries such as New Zealand.

  • Derek & David focus more on the USA Business incorporations

The focus of The SMMA Blueprint course in the USA business incorporations makes learners find it challenging to apply the skills in their respective countries.

This happens especially when the content covered in the course is against the law or customs of their countries.

Is There Any Alternative To The SMMA Blueprint Course?

Of course, SMMA may not be a cup of tea for everyone, implying that you would want to go for another alternative.

I’ll be precise here.

If you’re starting out and want to join the online gurus to make a kill, then here is a deal.

Have you heard of affiliate marketing before?

Well, this is a business model that will enable you to make money while learning.

This business model involves marketing products and services for a reputable company to be compensated through a commission for any successful sale.

But to get started, you want to learn some basics.

And to make things easier, I have written down a blueprint that will enable you to start.

Check it out:

The SMMA Blueprint Review

FAQ About The SMMA Blueprint Course

Does The SMMA Blueprint course offer bonuses

Yes, many bonuses are offered in the course, the main one being the steal their funnel bonus.

You will get the bonuses after completing the four modules of the course.

How many payment options are available in the SMMA Blueprint course?

You can use two payment options for The SMMA Blueprint course: the one-time payment of $749 and the three-month payment option of $247 per month.

 Are Derek & David Legit?

Derek and David are legit.

The two founders of The SMMA Blueprint course offer honest and ethical working throughout the entire content of the course.

They also explained the necessary information captured in the course content with great offers to their customers.

Here is also a video review of The SMMA Blueprint Course for you:

Thank you for reading my review.

I’ll be glad to know what you think about the above review.

Feel free to leave your comment in the below section.


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