10 Steps to Starting SMMA

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We’ve compiled an easy 10-step guide to starting an SMMA.

Make sure to watch Iman Gadzhi’s latest YouTube video, and follow the 10 steps below:

1. Name your agency

Choosing a name for your agency is simple. Many agency owners just use their names or initials: Iman Gadzhi, the founder of GrowYourAgency, named his agency IAG Media – after his initials.

2. Choose your service

Although ‘SMMA’ stands for social media marketing agency, there are all sorts of marketing services that can be offered including email marketing, SEO, PPC, and even creative services.

3. Choose your niche

Niches are incredibly-important in SMMA. Read more about niches, what they are, and how to choose yours here.

4. Create your web presence

It’s important to have a web presence for your agency. This is so potential clients can look up your service, and find a way to contact you.

5. Register your email address

It’s easy to use a service like Google Domains and Google Workplace to purchase a domain and use a branded domain for your email address.

6. Source your leads

Sourcing leads is simple: once you know which niche you’re in, use any sort of database (including Google Maps) to find business owners, and find their contact details.

7. Outreach

Read our free guide to SMMA outreach here.

8. Sell your service

Sales is one of the most important elements of running an agency. Remember to build a rapport with your potential client.

9. Get Paid

Once you have successfully sold your service: it’s time to get paid. We recommend using a billing system such as Stripe or PayPal over a bank transfer to ensure prompt payment.

10. Deliver your service

Check out our free guide to Facebook advertising here.



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